Atlanta, GA Community Call

The Third Cities and Communities Series: April 1, 3 pm Pacific Time

Six years ago, Atlanta, Georgia joined the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities and committed to increasing compassion through local initiatives, policy and projects. Since then, the organization has turned its attention to creating awareness among civic and corporate leaders about the need to shift the public conversation from what’s wrong to focus on ways that a diverse community can bring about new possibilities. Compassionate Atlanta seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of compassionate action in the greater region with five specific initiatives: community conversations, Charter partners, mindfulness, living compassionately in a diverse world, and the children and youth initiative. Compassionate Atlanta has engaged 151 charter partners and through them, it reaches about 4,500 people annually. Online efforts, social media/newsletter, reach a little over 10,000 every year.

We recently had a conversation with Compassionate Atlanta directors Leanne Rubenstein and Iyabo Onipede about best practices.

Compassionate Atlanta is a grassroots movement that seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of compassionate action in the Greater Atlanta area. Atlanta is a civil rights city and racial justice is at the forefront of Compassionate Atlanta. The focus is on creating equity in the deep South where the racial divide is most pronounced. It’s challenging to reach the hearts and minds of people in big cities and Compassionate Atlanta has looked to London, England and Denver, Colorado for examples. These cities have brought the work of compassion to inhabitants by reaching individuals through neighborhoods. In addition, Compassionate Atlanta has an active board of directors who work together as a team. The core value is in community building through grass roots communication and action.

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