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Compassionate Cities & Countries: Community Chats


We've been busy at the Charter designing ways to reach out to our members and partners, as we say, "It all begins with a conversation" and that's what we're looking for here: conversations with you - yes, you, and you too.

We strongly believe that, now -more than ever- compassion needs to come upfront in most conversations and dialogues; there's a strong need for collaboration, to know that there are others like you and me out there, all willing to do something good for others, no matter what that action is, as long as we are being compassionate, which can also mean: reach out to others and make sure they feel better after the encounter.

So, we've set a series of meetings (we call them Community Chats) that will repeat month after month, with different cities and different countries, even different areas, and we want you to know that these meetings are open to all of you, even though we call them UK Chat, or Austin Chat, Community Chat, etc. that is because we set them at different times, hopefully you'll see your city or country and register and turn-up, but if you can't make it to "your" one, maybe you can make to another one.

"Whoever is at the meeting is meant to be there" that's our motto, and we'll adapt the information we give to the needs of who is there.

You can find the dates and times for these Chats on our Events Calendar on our Homepage, and we send out personal invitations to the one in your area/city/country so you can register directly.

Here's an example of the US Chat that took place on Tuesday, August 16th.

We look forward to seeing you at our next one! 

-Mérida McCarthy


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Tuesday, 30 May 2023
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