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The Best of Life is Conversation


The best of life is conversation. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

I agree with Mr. Emerson that some of the best moments in life happen while in conversation – with friends and family, neighbors and coworkers, strangers and new acquaintances. I also value the conversations I have with pets and wild animals, flowers, plants and trees, and the many birds who [intentional WHO] visit the bird-feeder right outside my window. My life is richer for all of these conversations and connections.

For a year now, I've had the honor to be part of intentional, weekly conversations with a group of people from several countries. The topics vary (reflecting on our legacy, exploring the wisdom of trees, introspecting on life, death and the spaces between) but the constants are the openness and curiosity that everyone brings to the Zoom Room and the willingness to practice deep listening and civil conversation.

Each conversation reveals new insights, old wisdoms, and our shared humanity. It doesn't matter whether we call in from Ireland, USA, South Africa, UK or Canada, our hopes and dreams weave together to form a magnificent tapestry that we all learn from just by engaging in conversations.

These gatherings, hosted by Charter for Compassion and Citizen Discourse, are what you'll experience if you join the Conversation Collective. They are offered twice weekly to the Charter's global community for a small monthly membership fee.

If you like meeting people from other countries and engaging in stimulating and creative conversations, you are invited to check out the Conversation Collective. You are welcome to join as our guest to see what you think. New voices and perspectives are most welcome. Email Karen at for details. 

- Susan Soleil

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Friday, 02 June 2023
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