Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Highlands, North Carolina, USA

The first Compassion Tree was planted in Highlands, North Carolina, USA by one of our Charter Partners, The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center.



First Tree 1

First Tree 2

First Tree 3

Maggie, Ben, Nokos-Afvoke, and Luna
(in back) - adding wood chips
after the tree was planted.

Tvftolopv, Maggie and Ben
planting tiger lilies to keep the deer
away from the apple tree

Luna, Maggie and Ben

First Tree 4

First Tree 5


Nokos-Afvoke, Isaac,
Taryn and Hemokke
planting lilies  

This was a bit heavy for Isaac
- so Hemokke came to help out
- teamwork!

When the youth were prompted
to name the tree, one of the girls
named him, Darrell!

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

ARBOL DE LA COMPASIÓN – COMPASSION TREE PROJECT– MONTERREY 2019 - In the State of Nuevo León, of which Monterrey is the capital city, 32,000 trees were planted in 2019 in the name of Compassion under our project named: “Sembrando Compasión por tí y por el planeta” (Planting compassion for you and for the planet).

This project took place between May and October and it was carried out by bringing together the Compassionate Cities, the main reforestation groups, NGO’s, business, interreligious council and government initiatives in order to join efforts to achieve the highest number of trees planted by organizing plantations, donating trees, participating with volunteers to help plant the trees, some activist groups and local governments also helped out with gloves, trowels, trash bags and other materials required.

A space was donated in “Fundidora” our main park, now called the Plaza de la Compasión, where the Compassion Tree of Monterrey was named and planted. This initiative triggered more trees to be planted in various other localities, private enterprises and schools.

Hopefully this initiative will not end here, and that this challenge will continue to inspire cities around the globe to plant and reforest the world. 

Monterrey Project

Compassionate cities of Apodaca, Escobedo, Guadalupe, Monterrey, Santa Catarina and San Pedro participated along with business, NGO’s, reforestation groups: ARZYZ, CEMEX, Comité Ecológico Interescolar, DIF Nuevo Léon, EcoRescate México, EZER ABP, FEMSA, Interfaith Council of Nuevo León, Madrinas de San Pedro, MARCATEL, ORCOTEC, PLANIGRUPO, Reforestación Extrema, Reforesta tu Bosque, Salvemos el Planeta, SEP Nuevo León, TODAC and Zona 60 Apodaca.

Monterrey CTP 1

Monterrey CTP 2

Monterrey Team


Monterrey CTP 4

 Our initiative was supported by the Interfaith Council of Nuevo León.

Educational authorities promoted plantations in schools.

Plaza de la Compasión” at Fundidora Park, located at the heart of Monterrey city.

Monterrey CTP 5

Monterrey CTP 7

Monterrey CTP 8

Compassionate cities, NGO’s and reforestation groups organized different planting events.

Corporate and University volunteers joined to help planting.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA


After taking a break for the holidays, January and February consisted of fund raising.   At the beginning of March, we started planning a dedication ceremony for March 21 where our mayor would speak and the trees purchased as memorials for others were to be planted. Unfortunately, early to mid March presented us with the challenge of  dealing with COVID , and we had to cancel our plans for the ceremony. We had invited Kate Trnka from the Charter for Compassion to be with us that day too.  It was hard to cancel all our exciting plans.
As a result of the cancellation, our City of Fayetteville Urban Forestry team planted all the trees.......192 in all.  We were very proud of our city of 83,000 people supporting us in this way.  We also had some money left over and it will be used to purchase additional trees to be planted this Fall.
The Compassion Tree Project was a huge success in our area.  In addition to adding beauty to our city, it helped people gather together in community to serve the need to help turn back climate change.  Many citizens have an interest and dedication to projects of this kind which help to preserve the pristine beauty and purity of our air and water of our beautiful city.

Coming March 21, 2020 - Fayetteville's First Planting Celebration!

Trees are a vital part of the solutions to helping the environment. Trees are the answer. The City of Fayetteville’s Urban Forestry is partnering with Compassion Fayetteville for our first planting celebration on March 21st. More details on the planting celebration coming soon. Please visit our website for future announcements.

Compassion Fayetteville challenges charitable organizations, philanthropic groups and service organizations to join them with planting trees this spring … a lot of trees!

Fayetteville CTP 3

Fayetteville CTP 1

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio Climate Reality Tree Planting

Local collaborators from City offices, environmental groups, educational institutions, faith-based organizations and nonprofits are taking climate concerns seriously by engaging San Antonians in planting 20,000 trees in 2020. Mayor Ron Nirenberg will ceremonially and symbolically plant a tree at the Headwaters of the San Antonio River. Speakers from all the collaborators, including the Mayor, will address the details of the local Compassion Tree Project as well as providing information about the necessity of local projects, global efforts and partnerships.

Reforestation is one of the main ecosystem restoration methods and the most effective way to help decrease global warming. There is a symbiosis between humans and trees that is cultural, spiritual, physical and communal that spans the planet and crosses all time. Our children’s future on the earth depends upon mutual responsibility in this restorative process. The Compassion Tree Project is locally and globally planned to offset being behind the curve in this essential restoration.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” Chinese proverb

This media event and tree planting coincides within the month-long Climate Action Project and a month of San Antonio environmental events, tree adoptions and plantings leading up in preparation to Texas Arbor Day on November 6.

San Antonio Compassionate Tree Project Overview

Climate Reality Tree Planting from Storysmith Studios on Vimeo.

San Antonio is planting 20,000 trees in 2020. After a challenge from their Sister City of Monterrey, Mexico (also a Compassionate City), San Antonio rolled up its sleeves and now has partnerships between Compassionate San Antonio, the City's Parks & Recreation, Office of Sustainability, Gardenopia, nonprofits, universities, philanthropists and more. A community launch began in January 2020 at the annual Blessing of the Peacemakers. During the Blessing the announcement of the 2020 San Antonio Peace Laureates occurred and the 3 Laureates all received a Mountain Laurel to plant along with planting shovels. The City launch will occur at the Earth Day Celebration, April 18th by the mayor pro temp who said Yes to Monterrey's challenge.

In addition, this coming June will mark the first Compassion Institute* in San Antonio. The Institute strives to teach 1-2 teachers from every pre-K, elementary, middle & high school and every college and university in the City. That will add up to 1000-2000 teachers. During the fall planting season a compassion tree or a compassion grove of trees will be planted at each of the schools that participate in the Institute -- officially claiming that school as a Compassion School. Be ready for plenty of pictures!

*The 2020 Compassion Institute is a pilot project between Compassionate San Antonio and the International Charter for Compassion.

In coordination with the Compassion Tree Project core team, the Parks and Recreation Department will serve as the City’s lead department. This will include compiling suggestions and information from partners as well as tracking and tabulating all tree planting efforts associated with this project. The Parks and Recreation Department manages the Tree Mitigation and Canopy Protection funds and has led the City’s effort to increase tree canopy throughout San Antonio. Since 2006, over 100,000 trees have been adopted out or planted with these funds.

For FY2020, the department plans to adopt and plant 15,000 trees.

San Antonio 1

San Antonio 2

San Antonio 3

A planted compassion tree 

Ceremonial Shovels beside a newly planted tree

Ceremonial Shovels

CTP presentation

CTP bag

Compassionate San Antonio presents
the Compassion Tree Project

A Compassion Tree Project Bag!

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


In October 2019 the Ballarat City Council formally signed the global Charter for Compassion. To coincide with this signing Compassionate Ballarat held over sixty compassion-based activities throughout the City from 20 - 27 October 2019. 

Included in these events was a community tree planting. Compassionate Ballarat joined forces with Ballarat City council who grew the treelings and Ballarat Environment Network (BEN) who helped us source the trees and the location to plant trees. This project was linked to the global Compassion Tree Project, the Green World Campaign and the Upper Emu Creek Landcare Group. 100 treelings were planted at the Mullawallah Wetlands. The aim of the global Compassion Tree Project is to link us together in a single global effort, connecting us all in our common humanity to take action about climate change.

The Event:


Compassionate Ballarat has joined forces with the global Compassion Tree Project, the Green World Campaign, Ballarat City Council and the Upper Emu Creek Landcare Group. We will be meeting at Mullah Wullah Swamp to plant 100 trees, propagated and nurtured by the Ballarat City Council Nursery. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing for the day, sturdy footwear, sunscreen and hardy gloves. Everything else will be provided by the Upper Emu Creek Landcare Group. An activity for ALL the family. COST: Free.

Photos from the Tree Planting:

Ballarat 1

Ballarat 2

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