Compassionate Ballarat's 2021 Activities


Some of Compassionate Ballarat’s activities in 2021 include:


Infant and Perinatal Mental Health forum

  • In the context of the Victorian Government’s recent announcement to establish Early Parenting Hubs, with one to be established in Ballarat, this forum examined some recent initiatives that support infant and early childhood mental health. It was run at BHS and speakers included:  Sue White, CEO, QEC - Driving Cultural Change in Early Parenting Services; Dr Rosemary King, FedUni – Upskilling Perinatal & Infant Mental Health; Natasha Lindros, COPE – New Online Perinatal Resources; Dr Lynne Reeder, FedUni – Emotional Intelligence in Early Childhood;

Community Wide Healing Forum linked to the Gallery’s ‘Out of the Darkness’ Exhibition

  • On 24 July 2021 Compassionate Ballarat is hosting a forum at the Ballarat Art Gallery that will bring together Compassionate Ballarat with other international Charter groups including Compassionate Belfast, the European Forum for Restorative Justice, and the US Human Values Institute to discuss the ways in which cities have/are responding to social issues that have come to define them in order to examine how these experiences can become a part of a city’s story, rather than its defining story.

Student Stories of Compassion in Action

  • Compassionate Ballarat is working with Loreto students in Year 12 on a project to gather stories from students across Ballarat on the compassionate actions they have taken. These stories are currently being collected and collated into an e-book for distribution to other Compassionate Cities across the world.  The stories already received are a wonderful reflection on Ballarat’s next generation leaders. The students are writing up their stories by replying to the following questions: What suffering did you see/What concern did you have?  What prompted you to take this action?  What action did you take?  What difference did that make to you? What difference did that make to those who received?  

Indigenous Global Read

  • As part of the global Charter for Compassion – Compassionate Ballarat recommended the global Charter host Dr Tyson Yankaporta and Al Harris (who lives in Ballarat) in conversation on Tyson’s book - Sand Talk - How Indigenous Thinking Can Change the World. The recording of this conversation can be accessed via this link - The CEO of the global Charter said that it  was one of the most popular global reads, which is saying something as they have had many leading authors in conversation about their books including Mary Robinson the former President of Ireland.

Intercultural Cities Initiative

  • Compassionate Ballarat met with the manager of the Council’s Intercultural Cities Initiative and following these discussions Dr Lynne Reeder, National Director of the Australia Compassion Council has been invited to present at the upcoming Intercultural Cities Summit in August 2021.

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