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These programs have been postponed effective June 3, 2020. We hope to see you again when they return!

We at the Charter for Compassion know that this has been a most difficult time.
We hope you and your families will stay safe, be well, and be able to find some normalcy in the chaos that accompanies a pandemic.
Many of you have asked for some programming or assistance with creating activities for kids and some requests are even for adults. We heard you!
The Charter’s Partners have stepped up to volunteer to provide some programming and content to make these very unusual circumstances better.

Programs and offerings may be live, recorded, archived, and other kinds of content featured by Charter Partners and friends.
Please be patient with us as plans are subject to change as we all learn how to navigate these novel circumstances.
If you have feedback or suggestions for us, we welcome any ideas. We also welcome your suggestions for new Charter for Compassion Partners.
Please stay safe and be well and know that we send our prayers, thoughts and love to you and your loved ones, families and friends as we all navigate this new normal.
The Staff, Board, Global Council, Sectors and Volunteers of the international Charter for Compassion

Past Programs:

May 6, 2020 at 12pm PT: Conversation with author Julie Penshorn

barnyardbuddiesOne day during a rainstorm, award-winning children’s author Julie Penshorn went to the barn to find her horse taking up all the space under the shelter, leaving the other animals out in the rain. That scene reminded her of how humans can sometimes forget compassion and take up all the space in a situation, leaving none for others. The Barnyard Buddies books, delightfully illustrated by Jorry Keith, emerged from that rainy experience. Julie’s award-winning books are for preschool through elementary, but adults love them too; many of them say “I wish I’d had these books as a child!” Each book features study and discussion guides for parents, guardians and teachers to extend the learning beyond its pages.

Besides her art as a children’ author, Julie is a speaker, performer, musician, and horse trainer with a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Business Communication. In her ‘Smart Tools for Life’ work, and empowerment programs for teachers and students and children, she synthesizes her passion for peace, equity and a more harmonious world  into everything she does and in all her work. Her STOP is a formula for children to recognize, create and maintain their resiliency skills through courage, decision making, conflict resolution, empathy and compassion. STOP stands for 1) Stop and breathe 2) Tell how you feel 3) Open your mind and 4) Plan a deal. The stories Julie tells also inspired music and she often performs in schools and libraries putting the stories to music. Julie is a Charter Partner and her work is featured in the Arts Sector and she is a merchant in the Charter’s Marketplace where you can find her work for purchase.


May 13, 2020 at 12pm PT: Conversation with Diana Suskind

suskindStone as art, tools and cultural symbols have chronicled the comings and goings of people from the beginning of the ages. Artist and author Diana Suskind received an invitation to the HEMS School in Kathmandu, Nepal that changed her life. She looked around and saw no toys, no equipment, no games—nothing to stimulate creative play with the children. Rote learning and memorization dominated their education so Diana set out to work with what was available to make learning come alive. Stones were abundant, free, moveable and made from nature.

She requested the children collect stones with their parents in their respective villages—a deeply freeing experience for them—choosing different sizes, colors, shapes and textures.  Returning to school, they worked individually  and in small groups creatively arranging  their stones to their liking. Quite possibly the only time the children had worked on their own, Diana asked them to title their creations and share their stories with each other. The results amazed not only the teachers, but Diana herself.  With the children totally immersed in their creations, soon a myriad of stone constructions appeared—distinct shapes, animals, people and even a mosque.

  That experience has been replicated for children and adults all over the world. Over time Stonework Play becomes an immersive 5 Step process of gathering, constructing, rendering, narrating and sharing while bringing nature and the Earth into the classroom when held inside or outdoors, that promotes cognitive, oral, mechanical and tactile skills while creating a meditative / mindful atmosphere. When complete, the construction is rendered as a drawing, a narrative, and then shared orally. Diana suggests that adults participate in their own Stonework Play prior to sharing it with children to allow for an enhanced understanding of what a rich, masterful process it truly is.


May 20, 2020 at 12 PM PT: Conversation with Dr. Diana Chavez Ketterman and her colleague and co-author Erica WalkingStick

characterchampionbookDr.KettermanPsychologist Dr. Diana Chavez Ketterman and her colleague and co-author Erica WalkingStick, have written and developed a free downloadable coloring storybook, “Character Champion, What Do You See?” for kids that features Character Champions based on age and cognitive levels, who are much like today’s superheroes. These champions have developed strengths beyond their natural abilities that allow them to “level up” their character, to excel and succeed during times of stress or crisis. This coloring storybook, created for children of all ages, will address the current challenges of the Coronavirus, and especially provide direction for the young or young-at-heart about how to cope successfully during quarantines and the global pandemic. 

ericawalkingstickExpanding character traits beyond the original 4 basic personality types based on Dr. Jean Piaget’s and Dr. David Kerisey’s work Ketterman’s team has developed 7 of these superhero Character Champions who engage their strengths for resiliency, understanding, and gaining compassion toward self and others.

Dr. Ketterman aka Dr. K., accompanied by her team, will join us with this fun and interactive story to engage participants and offer suggestions for parents and educators about how to use the coloring storybook, "Character Champion, What Do You See?" to help kids better understand their own personality style, challenges, and strengths. Kids will come away knowing how to amplify their own superhero ability of spreading compassion (instead of the virus) in ways that engage and protect us all, during the current global Covid-19 pandemic.

Come with us to Character Island and play for a while where you will discover that we are all born champions in our own unique ways. "Character Champion, What Do You See?" I see that there are champions inside you and me!  It is time we find our character connection; don’t you agree?

Download the Coloring Book for Free!

Click here to download your copy of Character Champion, What Do You See? Coloring Book




May 27, 2020 at 12 PM PT: Conversation with author and nature creative Jennifer J. Wilhoit, Ph.D.

jenniferwilhoitSince Jennifer was a little girl, she has been roaming wild places and creatively using objects from nature. Snails, jacaranda blossoms, and mud were her favorite childhood playthings. As a young adult she began studying the connection between creativity and nature (including making nature collages, handmade bark paper, and landscape paintings.) As a professional, Dr. Wilhoit incorporates nature guiding, nature photos, and therapeutic nature practices into her work with clients. Jennifer uses nature objects in ceremony and to explore Earth’s amazing diversity; she gathers her items sparingly and with respect for Earth. She is a nature writer, amateur nature photographer, and nature creative.

In this conversation, Jennifer Wilhoit will read excerpts from her latest books and blogs. She will offer participants young and young-at-heart hands-on ways to appreciate the natural world and its beauty including “nature calendars ©,” “nature altars ©,” “nature mandalas ©,” and “lunchtime art ©.” Jennifer will provide suggestions for harvesting nature objects in a healthy way for the Earth. Finally, Jennifer will offer ways to begin using nature in creative writing. Participants are encouraged to bring a journal and pen to this conversation for taking notes or jotting down writing prompts for use later.

Jennifer J. Wilhoit, Ph.D. is a published author, spiritual ecologist, and the founder of TEALarbor stories. She compassionately supports people’s creative and healing processes by drawing from nature’s wisdom. Dr. Wilhoit is a Charter partner and faculty in their Education Institute. Jennifer’s most recent books are Weaned Seals and Snowy Summits (2019, Wilhoit and Jones) and Writing on the Landscape (2017, Wilhoit). Jennifer expresses her love of nature through creative arts. Jennifer thrives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Learn more:


susan salidorSusan Salidor is an award-winning children’s music composer, songwriter and performer with the heart of a teacher who has written more than 150 children’s songs. She is the author, along with illustrator Natalka Soiko, of a new picture book for young children, I’ve Got Peace In My Fingers based on her original song of the same name. Her original music is influenced by her experience in musical theater, cabaret and folk and work as a preschool music specialist. Her Circle trilogy of albums ‘for children and those who love them’ has received Parents’ Choice Awards and are her most popular children’s recordings. Her songs are performed by children around the world, and she has presented music workshops for preschool teachers at educational conferences around the country.  Susan and husband Jay Rehak created a children’s show, Noah’s Ark: The Musical, which has been produced in both Chicago and Michigan. 

Susan's signature song, “I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers," appears in the songbook Rise Again ( and has been adopted by elementary schools throughout Spain to celebrate its January Day of Non-Violence and is sung in Canadian schools for Remembrance Day each November.  All of Susan's songs are available on Apple iTunes, and, and wherever music is streamed and downloaded. You may contact her at Susan Salidor, 2225 W. Berwyn Avenue, Chicago, IL  60625  Phone: (773) 550-0357 Email:  


Susan has recently taken her music classes and concerts to Facebook Online at: (SusanSalidorSings) daily at 11 am where she is doing what she would normally be doing in preschools throughout Chicago and its suburbs.  

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